Safari Hunting Africa prides itself in that we can offer a quality hunting experience and comfortable accommodation. A broad range of accommodation is available and will depend on you and the area or concession we hunt in.

You may like camping out in the wild or you may prefer luxury accommodation. All of the above will be addressed when we tailor make your hunting package.


Right at the onset I should say that should you have any specific dietary requirements, simply let us know when you book and we will make sure that the food that you want to and can eat are prepared for you.

Most of the time delicious traditional South African dishes are served including some of the venison you hunted on safari. Daily fees (as listed in the prices section) includes all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), drinks and accommodation. In South Africa the tap water is extremely palatable and perfectly safe to drink. Bottled water is also available in most retail outlets.

Travel Insurance

A travel policy will ensure that you are covered for trip cancellation and medical evacuation for the duration of your trip.

Suggested Packing List

Here is a handy packing list for when it’s time to start packing.