Name: Giraffe
Scientific Name: Giraffa Camelopardalis


A tall-tree specialist with very long legs and a long neck. The coat is tan with brown patches, and the males use their bony horns and necks for fighting. A large animal with extremely long legs, a sloping back and a very long neck. They have a long muzzle and large eyes, medium-sized ears and bony horns on head (especially in adult males). The coat is short and sandy-coloured with dark brown patches of varying intensities and shapes. They have a short, upright brown mane and a long dark tassle on tail, and cloven hooves.


Open grasslands with scattered trees. They prefer areas enriched with acacia growth. They drink large quantities of water and, as a result, they can spend long periods of time in dry, arid areas. When searching for more food they will venture into areas with denser foliage.


Sub-Saharan Africa. Increasingly rare in the west.


3.8-4.7m long with a tail 80-100cm and standing 4-4.7m at the shoulder. Height to horn tips 4.7-5.3m in males and 3.9-4.5m in females.


Weigh up to 1,700 kilograms.


25 years (28 in captivity).

Common Eland