Name: Grey Rhebuck
Scientific Name: Pelea Capreolus ( Forster,1790)


This is a slender, long necked, medium sized antelope. It has long narrow ears with a bulbous nose, and a woolly coat with white underparts. Only rams have upright, straight, spike-like horns of 150-250 mm in length, ringed at the bases.


Within these mountainous regimes, grassveld with some stones and rocks are preferred.


Grey Rhebuck are not common, but is widespread in a suitable habitat. Found in the Eastern and Western Cape, suitable areas westward of the Cape Peninsula, Mpumalanga and Northern Province, high-lying areas of Lesotho, Free State, and the higher Drakensberg areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Adapted to mountain slopes, hills and plateaus.


They weigh up to 30 Kg, with a shoulder height of 700-800 mm.


9 to 10 years.

Common Eland