Scientific Name: Equus burchellii


The most familiar of the striped members of the horse family, living in harems on the grasslands of Africa. Short-legged and rather fat-looking horses, the most obvious feature of plains zebra is their black and white stripes. These cover the body in a pattern unique to each individual. They are generally vertical down the neck, becoming diagonal towards the rear, and horizontal on the legs. They are relatively broad (compared to other species of zebra). The mane is upright and striped to match the neck. The tail is striped with a dark tassle.


Short grassland areas within savanna woodland and grassland plains constitute the preferred habitat. Their dependence on water restricts the Burchell’s Zebra to wander further than ten to 12 km from water. Densely vegetated areas are avoided.


East Africa.


230cm long, head to tail standing about 1.4m at the shoulder.


Average Mass: 300 kg (660 lb)


28 years.

Common Eland